Feb 22, 2012

Oh Glorious Waterpik, Come Hither!

Are you one of the few that takes the time to floss at least once a day? I know how hard and messy it can be to grab that floss and properly run it though the entire mouth.

The Waterpik will save you time and frustration, making it a much easier and pleasurable habit to have. The Waterpik is more effective in reaching hard-to-reach areas and improving gum health than string floss, it is very convenient and easy to use, and it's reservoir allows you to get dual action, not only are you removing plaque more effectively, but you can flush and irrigate the entire mouth by putting over-the-counter or doctor prescribed rinses in it's reservoir.

Are you still asking yourself why you should floss or irrigate? Well, here are five very important reasons why you shouldn't think twice anymore.
1. Prevent Dental Caries
2. Prevent Gum Disease
3. Prevent Halitosis (bad breath)
4. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
5. Avoid Complications of Diabetes

It's amazing what one minute of irrigating per day can do for your smile and body, it truly is a wonderful product to incorporate in your daily routine.

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