Aug 26, 2016


So it's been way too long since I've been on my blog, rambling about life, opinions, and what not. So  I'm back and I'd like to talk about life. My last post being way back when my son Elias was only a year and a half old. Fast forward two years and here we are, Elias is now a little over three and a half, and is still my fearless, fun-seeking little boy, with a heart of gold. He's now an older brother to my other little blessing, Oziel Iker. We'll actually be celebrating his first birthday in Anna Maria Island in about a week! He's my cute little bear (hence his nickname Ozi 🐻), and he's just the sweetest, smiley, and spunky little baby I know. You might be asking how do I manage it all with two very energetic kiddos under the age of 4? Patience and balance. It's not easy that's for sure, and some days are harder than others, but overall it's like riding a roller coaster, with it's ups and it's downs and it's crazy twists and turns, it's all part of the fun. That's exactly it, make it fun and keep a smile on your face, life's too short to do anything else!

Just this morning I get a text from one of my cousins that has a very smart and energetic 5 year old boy, and is pregnant with another little boy due any day nowShe said she was losing her marbles over her 5yr old not wanting to brush his teeth in the mornings, and asking if I had any kind of recommendations. So I basically approached it the way I do most things with parenting, don't sweat the small stuff, and choose your battles wisely. Every parent chooses their own way in guiding their children through life, I choose to be their voice of reason.  Reasoning with them with love and logic, and incorporating positive discipline along the way, all of which I pray will help them become happy, confident, and self-sufficient adults.

I'm happy to say that I was able to bring some calm to my cousins storm today, and her frown turned into a smile with a couple of my suggestions. It confirmed my reason of starting and now continuing my blog. I love to help others find reasons to smile and enjoy life, as I continue to AIM to be a better person everyday. Appreciating, inspiring, and motivating others with my own positivity, love, and wisdom. ✌🏽️❤️📚

Here is my smiley little bear, hope his smile brings one to yours too!

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