Jan 5, 2012

Manual vs. Electronic Toothbrushes

I personally feel that it doesn't matter what kind of toothbrush you use, they both work the same as long as you are using them correctly.  Make sure to concentrate on one tooth at a time and don't press too hard.  Usually it takes 2 minutes of your time to get the job done.  The following brushes are my choice when buying either a manual or an electronic, I have tried others, but my teeth and gums just seem to get that extra clean feel when I've used these.  So which kind do you prefer to use?

Colgate 360
Oral B Series 5000


  1. For my self prefer a manual toothbrush (TB), only because I know how to use it properly, but for others I think electrical TB are better. My favorite has to be the Sonicare TB. I find the best result with that TB. And for the manual TB i prefer the Oral B complete advantage deep cleaning.

  2. I also use a manual because I feel like I have more control, and I know that I'm doing it properly. I've tried the sonicare, I didn't mind it, but I liked the overall feeling that the Oral B 5000 gave me.