Jan 17, 2012

Tongue Wand? Yes, please!

Do you suffer from halitosis (bad breath)? Well get one of these tongue wands and start seeing, feeling, and most importantly, smelling a difference. Most of the time bad breath is due to the gases that arise from the debris (plaque) on our tongue.

Using this tongue wand, which is made in a way that even people with a gag reflex can use, will help reduce bad breath and prevent gum disease greatly. The bacteria that lodges on our tongue needs more than toothbrushing, and these wands are made just for that, removing the culprit much more effectively and efficiently.

So go ahead, buy one, or if you're lucky, maybe your wonderful hygienist will simply give you one, just like I do! Remember, you must brush properly at least two times a day, floss daily, and now, clean your tongue each time you brush your teeth for a healthy, fresh smelling smile.

So say goodbye to those tic-tacs, and embrace your new breath saving tool, the amazing Tongue Wand! ... Let me know what you think if you do start to use one.

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